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About Jamaica

The name derived from the Arawak language term ‘Jamaica’, which means “Spring of Island”. Located in the northwest Caribbean Sea. It covers an area of 11,000 sq. km. with a population of 2.62 million, where majority is of black and mulattos.

Independence was declared on 6 August, 1962 and Jamaica joined the Commonwealth. Jamaica has the abundance of plants.

In terms of education, Jamaica is one of the best countries for Medical Education in the Caribbean Islands. It offers quality education at a very feasible cost.

Fun Facts about Jamaica-

  1. Religion observed by the population- Christianity
  2. Primary language- English
  3. Currency- Jamaican Dollar
  4. Capital- Kingston
  5. Main sectors of Jamaica’s Economy- Tourism, Production and Plantation
  6. Other sectors famous- It is of the world’s leading producers of dye extracted from the Anatoly tree Soil, sugar, and tourism are the three pillars of the economy
  7. Primary mineral sources- It is also the world’s third-largest bauxite producer
  8. Weather- Tropical with constant warm too hot temperatures all year round, though cooler in the higher, central areas
  9. Tourists attractions- Devon House, Luminous Lagoon, Fire Water  pond, Bob Marley Museum, Fort Charles, Sunken Pirate City, Negril Beach, etc.
  10. Highest point- Blue Mountain Peak (highest mountain in Jamaica and one of the highest peaks of the Caribbean at 2,256 meters (7,402 ft.). It is the home of Blue Mountain coffee.


Education System in Jamaica

  1. Education is compulsory and free for children of 6-15 years of age
  2. Based on British Education System model
  3. School levels in Jamaica-
    • Primary
    • Secondary CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) Examinations
    • Caribbean Advanced Placement Examination (CAPE), Post-Secondary, Tertiary (Bachelors)
    • Tertiary (Masters), Tertiary (Doctorate)
  4. Popular Medical Institutions in Jamaica-
    • The University of West Indies
    • All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS), Jamaica
  5. Duration of Medical Studies- 5-years for MD degree.
    • One year of Pre-Medicals
    • Basic Sciences (2-year/Four semesters)
    • Clinical sciences component (2-years)
  6. Recognition of Medical Degrees- Indians can easily practice their medical career in India upon their degree completion as Jamaica offers globally recognized degrees by Medical Council of India (MCI), International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and enlisted with World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

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