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About Republic of Korea (South-Korea) 

Official LanguageKorean
CurrencySouth Korean won
Literacy rate96.6%
Population5.15 crores
Time Difference from IndiaSouth Korea is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India
Travel time from Delhi to South- Korea7h- 8h duration (3,000 miles approx)
MBBS in Czechia Tuition FeesApprox. $ 14050 per year
Type of collegesBoth Private & Government
Duration of MBBS4 years
Medium of InstructionEnglish

Glance at the Republic of Korea (South-Korea)

South Korea is the country in East Asia. Seoul is the Capital of South Korea. The official name is of South-Korea is the Republic of Korea. The Country is bordered by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) to the north, the East Sea (Sea of Japan) to the east, the East China Sea to the South, and the Yellow Sea to the west.

The country experiences cold, dry winters along with hot and humid summers.

The country has no national religion. The country guarantees Freedom of religion in South-Korea.

Six years of primary school education and three years of middle school are mandatory for all children.

Nursing in Republic of Korea

Students of the nursing get knowledge in many disciplines closely related to medicine and discover a vast approach towards the field. Student gets the opportunities to specialize and practice either in the hospital or can do private practice and thus focus on families, individuals, and communities. The academic schedule contains health and public health sciences, theory and techniques, as well as procedures and rules of best practices.

Students get the opportunity to learn to nurse in medical graduate schools, which generally have collaboration with various government and private hospitals and other health institutions.

The medical universities of South-Korea offer a master’s degree in nursing, under which students have the option to specialize in various fields such as in pediatrics, neonatal nursing, women’s or mental health, communities, adult-gerontology or in the family-related field.

Top Nursing Universities of Korea

  • Kujang University College


Eligibility Criteria

Selection criteria are very simple in Top Medical Universities of the Republic of Korea. Stroll through the eligibility criteria:

  • Good grades in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as per the University requirements
  • Additional entrance tests followed by an interview as per University requirements
  • English language proficiency test is mandatory i.e. IELTS

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