Fulfilling your Aspirations of an Overseas Education

About Ukraine

Official LanguageUkrainian
CurrencyUkrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Literacy rate99.8%
Population4.25 crores
Time Difference from India-2.30 hours from India (in summers)& -3.30 hours from India (in winters)
Travel time from Delhi to Kiev, Ukraine7-8 hours direct flight
MBBS in Ukraine Tuition FeesApprox. US$ 3,500- 4800, unlike India
Type of collegesBoth Private & Government
Duration of MBBS5.8 years
Medium of InstructionEnglish, students will be taught the local language also. It is bilingual in some colleges.

Glance at Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the largest country in the European continent after Russia,  and ranks 46th in the World for its size. Kiev (Kyiv) is the capital of the country; located on the banks of Dnieper River in north-central Ukraine. Ukraine has its borders adjacent to Belarus in the north, Russia to the east, the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea to the south, Moldova and Romania to the southwest, and Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland to the west. To the far southeast, Ukraine is separated from Russia by the Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea.

As far as education is concerned, then Ukraine can be considered as an admirable option, especially for Indian students, which means being home to thousands of international students. Ukraine is gaining popularity among Indian students especially as it offers top-notch education at a reasonable price, which is the main concern for students as well as their parents in India. With a booming education system and high-quality medical education, Ukraine provides all the MBBS aspirants, a phenomenal opportunity in Ukraine.

Talking about the student’s life in Ukraine, then they not only enjoy their tenure of being a student but also the diversified culture of Ukraine, mesmerizing landscapes and many more fun activities. For the students, Ukraine comes at the best affordable destination of Eastern Europe, in the world.


Merits of MBBS in Ukraine- Best for Indian Students

The tutelage of medicine from Ukraine is an amazing option for all Indian students!!

Medical guidance or education will be the most prodigious option for international students especially. Why? Find out the authentic reasons for the same. Ukraine is an amazing prospect for medical education for Indian students distinctively. Over time it has become a dream place for those students who didn’t get the admission here in India because of fewer medical seats or high donation / capitation fees demanded by private medical colleges. The fees structure of MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students is very less as compared to other countries. Ukraine is one of the most reasonable countries in terms of fee structure for MBBS in Ukraine. The quality of education in the medical colleges of Ukraine is very good. If we talk about the social environment, people are very helping over there. The weather of Ukraine is fairly warmer than its neighbouring countries. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Students have a multiple choices to choose from the top medical universities in Ukraine.

For the medical aspirants, Top Medical Universities of Ukraine will be the right choice. Anyone can easily afford education in Ukraine because all universities offer quality education at an affordable fees. The students who score good marks are also offered various scholarships in MBBS in Ukraine.

This is the one big reason behind that Ukraine has become a hub of medical education. Lots of Indian students have already made it their destination and to Study Medicine in Ukraine is their favourite choice. Here are a few important features that make Ukrainian Medical Colleges so much sought after.

  • Quality education
  • Feasible fees structure for MBBS
  • No requirements for Donations/Capitations
  • Comfortable, secured and affordable accommodation facilities are available
  • Proper dining facilities and Indian food availability for Indian students
  • Degrees approved by MCI (Medical Council of India) and enlisted with WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools)
  • Specialist faculty for medical education
  • European living standards
  • Good climatic conditions
  • Facility to practice with the latest medical equipment
  • Great Practical & International Exposure – the students get exposure at various events, international exchange programs, conferences, seminars and other scientific projects in distinct international universities of Europe, UK, US and other countries.
  • Additional facilities for international students are also available.

The International center of Ukraine provides good facilities to the Indian students. The centre has a small assembly of the system which deals with the educational needs of students.

Quality of standard education and low fees besides easy MBBS admission in Ukraine motivate students to study in the global standard medical education in the Ukrainian universities. As students get the benefits of affordable MBBS in Ukraine with an opportunity to learn and explore, they find it a lifetime opportunity to build a bright career.

To study medicine in Ukraine can turn out to be the best decision for your bright professional career. If you wish to study medicine in abroad, choose MBBS in Ukraine for an accomplished career in medicine.

Drawbacks of pursuing MBBS from Ukraine

Every place has some advantages and disadvantages. Ukraine also has some drawbacks like-

  • The environment that the student moves to is new. The new faces all around might cause homesickness and disturbance. Because of unfamiliar situations, students tends to avoid gatherings and choose to stay alone. This sometimes affects them to a great extent. Henceforth, this is considered a disadvantage of studying in Ukraine.
  • Chances of Language barrier- Communication is one major hurdle for most of the students studying in Ukraine. It can be problem when the students need to communicate with the local people.
  • Chances of high competition- Upon joining Ukraine, the students will have to compete for the top ranks of their class. They will have to score much higher to match the standards of the Top Medical Universities of Ukraine. But, high competition may result in the enhancement of your skills.
  • Though climatic conditions in Ukraine are very pleasant but sometimes it might get cold.

Education in Ukraine might have lots of disadvantages but still, all these negatives can be overcome by the positive outlook.

Top Medical Universities in Ukraine

For having a great medical career as a Doctor, it is very important to build a strong foundation. Medical Universities plays that back end role in the student’s career. We have some handpicked options for you, to study MBBS in Ukraine-

  • V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
  • Kyiv Medical University of UAFM (Kiev, Branch)
  • Kharkiv International Medical University, Ukraine
  • Kharkiv National Medical University
  • Dnepropetrovsk state medical academy
  • Zaporozhye State Medical University
  • Donetsk State Medical University
  • Ternopil State Medical University
  • Ivano Frankivsk State Medical University
  • O.O. Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University, Ukraine
  • Odessa National Medical University
  • Black Sea National University
  • Sumy State University

Eligibility, Admission process and Fees structure in Ukraine

Before choosing Ukraine as your medical education destination, let’s get aware with all the factors required to take admission in Ukrainian Medical Universities-


Eligibility criteria on which your selection and admission process depends are as follows-

  1. A student must have completed his/her class XII in Science; having scored a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is especially required for students from Unreserved Category.
  2. Reserved category (SC/ST/OBC) students can apply with the 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology; as per the guidelines by Medical Council of India (MCI)
  3. The student must have qualified for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). It is mandatory from 2019 onwards.
  4. No additional entrance test or examination is required.


Team of My MBBS College makes your admission procedure- the easiest, simplest and hassle-free admission process in Ukraine. Just follow the steps suggested by us and you will be enrolled with the University in just a few days-

Step 1- Fill the Application Form

Step 2- Submit your academic documents like XII mark sheet (educational certificates), X mark sheet, Birth Certificate, NEET scorecard and Passport size photographs.

Step 3- Passport: Students usually think that if they do not have a passport, then the registration process is not possible for them. This is not true, you can still register yourself even if you do not have a passport. It is not mandatory. Also, at the time of registration to the University, you can apply for your passport at-

Step 4- Then, the students will receive their Admission Letter from their chosen University.

Step 5- Students will have to apply for ‘Visa Invitation letter’ then for which, you require the following:

  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs with white background & 80% face visibility
  • Bank statement for last 6 months can be of Father/Mother with minimum transaction of 4 lakhs

Step 6- Visa stamping is your last step for your admission process. We- at My MBBS College, gets stamped your Visa from Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of India.

Once you have completed all the needful steps, then just pack your bags and get ready to fly towards the hub of medical education- UKRAINE!!


MBBS Fee of Kiev Medical University, Ukraine

Total Fee 1st Year (2nd to 6th) Per Year Total Course fee
6000 USD4500 USD28500 USD

MBBS Fee of Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Ukraine

Total Fee 1st Year (2nd to 6th) Per Year Total Course fee
5650 USD4900 USD30150 USD

Vinnitsa National Medical University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4400 USD4400 USD1000 USD2800 USD35200 USD

Odessa National Medical University

CourseMBBS (MD Course) Tution Fee Health insurance
(every year)
+ Visa Extension
Hostel Fee University Registration Charges
& Airport Pickup
Total Expenses
(In USD)
First year4370 USD280 USD1300 USD2050 USD8000 USD
Second year4550 USD120 USD1300 USDNA5770 USD
Third year4770 USD120 USD1300 USDNA5990 USD
Fourth year5120 USD120 USD1300 USDNA6340 USD
Fifth year5460 USD120 USD1300 USDNA6680 USD
Sixth year5800 USD120 USD1300 USDNA7020 USD
Total year30,070 USD880 USD7,800 USD2050 USD39,800 USD
Bus Services (Compulsory for one year ) 200 USD
Mess charges (Compulsory for one year ) 1200 USD

Donetsk National Medical University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4000 USD4000 USD1300 USD1600 USD33400 USD

Kyiv Medical University, Kiev Campus

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
3500 USD3500 USD1000 USD2800 USD29800 USD

Kyiv Medical University, Kharkiv Campus

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
3500 USD3500 USD1000 USD2800 USD29800 USD

Ivano Frankisvk Medical University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4000 USD4000 USD1000 USD2800 USD31800 USD

Kharkiv International Medical University , Ukraine

Tuition Fee Per YearHostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4000 USD1000 USD2800 USD32800 USD

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Tution Fee (In USD)Hostel Fee (In USD)One Time ChargesTotal Fees
First Year4500$1000$1000$6500$
Second Year4500$1000$05500$
Third Year4500$1000$05500$
Fourth Year4500$1000$06000$
Fifth Year4500$1000$06000$
Sixth Year4500$6000$06000$
Total Fee28,500$6000$1000$35,500$
Mess Charges 100$ Per Month

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4300 USD4300 USD1200 USD2800 USD35800 USD

Kharkiv National Medical University , Ukraine

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4000 USD4000 USD1000 USD2800 USD32800 USD


O.O. Bogomolets National Medical
University, Ukraine

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4300 USD4300 USD1200 USD2300 USD35300 USD


Sumy State University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Total Fee
7000 USD7000 USD42000 USD


Black Sea National University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Total Fee
6900 USD6900 USD41400 USD


Ternopil State Medical University

1st Year Fees(2nd to 6th) Per Year Hostel Per Year Overhead Expenses One Time Total Fee
4000 USD4000 USD1000 USD2800 USD32800 USD


Career Prospects after studying MBBS from Ukraine

There is plenty you can do after getting your degree from one of the universities in Ukraine. Most of the medical universities in Ukraine are quite old and are accredited by all major medical councils in the world. Since the degree of these universities is globally recognized and highly accredited, you have a range of options, which are suggested below:

All the students graduating from Ukrainian institutions will definitely have a bright medical career whether after returning back to India or practising in some other country. If they decide to practice in India, then firstly they have to appear for the licensing exam of India i.e. FMGE or MCI Screening Test. All they need to score is 50% marks, which is quite achievable for them as it is not a competitive exam (without negative marking). In case students want to practice in abroad countries only, then they have many options in the authorized hospitals having collaboration with their University.

Also, graduates can pursue PG from Germany: Why Germany out of all other countries in the EU? Because it is quite popular and cheap. Many students learn the German language during their stay in Ukraine and clear the language exam. After they graduate, they can go for PG in Germany and settle down there.

Nothing can stop students to practice their medical career in India or any other country after having Ukrainian MBBS degree as nowadays almost every medical centre/hospitals are inviting fresh graduates from Ukrainian medical institutions.

Services provided by My MBBS College

My MBBS College assists you with:

  • Personal counseling to you
  • Admission procedure at Top medical universities in Ukraine
  • Visa assistance
  • Payment protection
  • Pre-departure orientation ceremony
  • Travel arrangements